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  • My daughter is buried there and the garden is always clean and neat.
    Cyndy Ann
  • Recently my husband and I wanted to put flowers on the graves of my mom, stepdad and aunt. I was able to place the flowers on my mother's grave, but we were unable to remove the vase for my aunt's grave so I contacted the office for assistance. A pleasant person, Crystal came to assist us but unfortunately, she was unable to open the vase either. She said she would keep the flowers in a vase in her office until the next day when one of the maintenance workers would be available to unscrew the vase and she would place the flowers in a vase and send us a picture. She invited us to pass by the office as we left and she would show us the vase. When we stopped at the office she informed the groundskeeper (Chris) was on his way over to unscrew the vase and she would place the flowers in the vase that day for us, take a picture and text the picture to us, as I wanted to share with my aunt's son. About an hour later we received a text message with a picture of the flowers on the grave. Since we were still in the area we stopped by to personally thank her and Juli for all there assistance. The staff is most helpful and the grounds are well kept. The kindness they showed was most appreciated; the staff went above and beyond to help us.
    Kim D.
  • Thanks, Scott, much appreciated. Thanks again for everything. Everyone at Grace was warm, friendly and professional. It made a difficult time much more bearable.
  • Dear Scott, You both did an excellent job representing what you do and Grace Memorial, respectfully. I've mentioned that to several family members in conversations this week regarding my father. The family appreciates it. Warmly,
    John C.
  • Hi, Dawn. Tammy and I were at Grace Memorial over the Memorial holiday. A brief trip but very happy to find their headstones placed and how nice their graves looked. We want to say thank you for all of your guidance and energy put into our Mother's headstone and for dealing with dad's lithograph work that was done. We placed an arrangement of silks in their urn flower vase. It was so nice to have a place to put our flowers. We didn't stop in as it looked as if there was a family funeral being put together and truthfully we were emotional. We also placed flowers on other families of ours who are in the crypt vaults. We visited 6 family members graves on this trip.
  • Thank you to the Maintenance/Groundskeeper that helped me locate a grave of someone I had not visited in years. Very sweet person.
    Cheryl G.
  • I want to thank Julie for her help in making pre-arrangement s for dear friends .. she was so helpful and professional.
    Regina O.
  • Jim McMichael has been fantastic helping us through this difficult time. He went way above and beyond the usual duties. He listened to every word we said about my husband and created an online tribute that reflected my husband beautifully. Jim and his staff fought hard on our behalf to get paperwork signed by people at the hospital. Thank you, Jim and your staff.
    Judy M.
  • Thank you so much to Mr. Jim McMichael and his staff for doing an outstanding job working with my family in coordinating the funeral of my father Richard. The ceremony was personalized to represent my dad very well and the staff was very responsive and patient. This is a situation no one wants to ever go through, but it's so helpful to work with people who aim to make it the best experience possible.
    Carly B. G.
  • When my grandson passed away we went to grace Memorial. The people there were great. They were kind and answered all our questions. They were passionate people with a big heart. Burying my grandson was the hardest thing I had to do, but they were there every step of the way to make sure my family was being taken care of.
    Patricia C.